Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

Understanding The Background Of Photoafrica

“PhotoAfrica” is an Online International Photo Contest officially situated in Africa. As the first of its kind in Africa, it is considered to be for both male and female, on a set that showcase beauty, glamour, style and culture. In its widely inclusive substance, PhotoAfrica sets a presidium as the main online challenge which has not been made for just experts or the virtuosos in the fashion and modeling industry.

It invites members from varying backgrounds as its aim is to deem the objectification of beauty to racial identities and standards and on the long run strives to restore the fluidity in the appreciation of beauty. Also, the shaming of body sizes on the altar of mediocre social standards is highly deflated in PhotoAfrica.

PhotoAfrica welcomes all body sizes and shapes; from the plus size to the petite and other environmentally inspired concepts of beauty. With its sole aim to promote multiculturalism among countries.

PhotoAfrica on its first dispatch has taken edge in (3) three African nations which cut crosswise over (NIGERIA , GHANA, SOUTH-AFRICA) so as to oblige a blended challenge which in excess of 216 contenders were enlisted and 20 Ambassadors were chosen alongside with 3winners and over 8,420,937 audience were reached.

PhotoAfrica on its second edition is set to cut across at least 10 African nations. So we look for media houses, bloggers, PR’s and Photographers to help accomplish this objective with their association as MEDIA PARTNERS.

If you’re an executive responsible for international market share, we hope you’ll join us in this international project. Come for the opportunity to learn cutting-edge global marketing trends and techniques and network with peers from around the world.

PhotoAfrica focuses on 4 key areas critical to global success:

Global Branding
Global Marketing Campaigns
Global Websites
Global Social Media.

As a Media Partner we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities.

This would entail:
Sending periodic emails to your contacts and mailing lists, and promoting the special discounted rate to your members.

Including trends, News and information about PhotoAfrica in your newsletter or mailings

Issuing press releases highlighting our collaboration.

Making use of your social media channels to spread the word about PhotoAfrica;

Including the PhotoAfrica logo on your website, linking to the PhotoAfrica website.

We will be sending you communications materials on a regular basis that you can use for this purpose. We expect you to cover at least 4 of the above-listed possibilities.

In return, we will do the following:

We will offer 100% partnership code to your brand.

As a media partner, you will be highlighted on the PhotoAfrica Website as our official sponsor.

As a media partner, we will include your logo in all our promotional materials.

As a media partner, you will be mentioned in our press releases.

As a media partner, you will also be mentioned in all of our social media communications.