Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

My betting strategy

With a good betting strategy, every putter will be winning big. We as a whole need to win. It’s an extraordinary inclination. The investigation, the expectation, the match, then point of payout. Nothing beats that inclination of surge you get when the team you wage on get a goal. In as much as we all want to win, there is a big questions here; how would you win? more imperatively, how would you win big to the extend of making profit?

I am a punter and i have been betting some coins on a lots of games over the years. With the experience i have had, i have put up some progression of betting framework reviews to information to most punters who might not be aware.

I will be showing how a team to win a match can be picked from a high value market on 1X2. Before you continue. Also bookmark the following soccer statistics platform which you shall be referring to for your head to head performance check up.



Soccer Punter

I call this strategy the best and simplest betting strategy because even the lazy soccer punters can go with it. The number one thing in this strategy is for you to go to any bookmaker of your choice, find matches with big differences in odds between the home and away team. With the home team having the laser, you are on the safer side because bookmakers are the first pointers to match winners by the way they place their odds.

From the the above, Manchester United who are home have lesser old compared to Southampton who are away and you can see that a difference of 5.92 is existing between the odds. Its based on my experience that am advising you always go on homes teams because there is more risks in going for the away teams in this situation. Mind you, the bookmakers odds is the first hints on who is likely to win the match as its seen in the odds

You could swap them and pick matches with teams with horrendous home structures playing against teams with extraordinary away structures. After selection, add this all into an accumulator as on betslip. For you to obtain a high success rate, you will have to implore some criterias inorder to optimise your chances to win.

Certain things like injuries on the side of any selected team that makes them more fragile than they have been amid the season. Have any of the selected team recently just change managers? Or have they played 3 matches in 5 days as of late and the squad is excessively drained? There could be more reasons that the numbers don’t tell you. So think hard! Is the match being played at the beginning of the season? Teams regularly need 3~6 matches before they fall into a steady dimension level of performance. If it’s an early season game, this could exhibit some pointless dangers. Is the match being played at the end of the season? In the event that the season is near the end, some teams may have verified their season objective. For example – manchester United could win EPL title with more than a game to spare and they treat the later matches as throwaway matches to train youth and reserve players.

When you’ve decided, put down a few of your spare coins and see what happens! By nature of accumulators they’re meant to be a hit and miss because you’re betting on so many markets at the same time – but this strategy will surely raise your chances.

When you’ve decided, put down a few of your spare coins and see what happens! Ordinarily accumulators they’re intended to be a hit and miss since you’re wagering on such a significant markets at the same time – but this strategy will surely raise your chances.

With this, you can without wasting too much energy in going to select games which will at last not pull through.