Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

Flood: Many rendered homeless after a heavy downpour in Makurdi

BSU Area Hit by Flood

Residence of some areas in city of Makurdi, Benue state capital has been rendered homeless after heavy downpour.

This is as a result of the heavy downpour yesterday 7th August, 2019 which lasted for about 4 hours.

Reports with pictures from occupants flying the social media shows that areas BSU first gate, Gyado Villa, Villa Suits, Judges quarters and Wuruku have been serious affected with valuables damaged.

This is not a recent phenomenon in Benue state as residence of Makurdi have been experience this which is sometime enormous. Recall last year when areas like Uni-Agric Road, Pila, Nyiman, Naka road and Idye areas where submerged with occupants rendered homeless as a result of flood.

Below are pictures from areas affected.

Residence are at this juncture sending a timely and health warning to JED MAKURDI not to restore power supply today as people are trapped in submerged houses.