Sun. Aug 18th, 2019


We are not only known for Entertainment and social activites,, we also run adverts for users who wishes to reach a greater and wider range of humanity out there with their content.  247creaks have got your back because we are going to rightful put you, your brand, your information to everyone out there who is supposed to be in the know of it. Below are our adverts plans

We’ve got the Experience to Keep you Brands ahead of your Competitors. With our experience, We know what works & what doesn’t work for different clients.

Banner Ads

Our Banner adverts ranges from 300×250, 728×90, 320×100, 160×600 which shall be placed at the location of your choice on as will deemed fit by your payment. Our Banner ads comes in text or Picture or both as may be wished by you.

728×90 Header Ads Space = N1000/Week

300×250 Post Pages Ads Space = N800/Week

320×100 Post Pages Ads Space = N500/Week

160×600, 160×900  Post Pages Ads Space = N1500/Week

300×250 Footer Ads Space = N1200/Week

Video Ads

For those of you who have videos about your products, jingles, animations or shot business narrations and wished to share them out, 247creaks does that is the right and standard manner so as to reach the desired targeted people.

Sponsored Post

Is it a written article or a thread about a product or service that you have?  Let us put it on our platform just as our usual posts.

Bulk SMS Advert

Some of you may wish to put you advert in form of text and send them across to your clients or beneficiaries. We are here for you and ready to help you achieve your height with the little minimum efforts.

its may be invitations, meeting notification, birthday flyers, book lunch, album lunch or what have you, lets make it up to you in any of the adverts plans listed above as will be desired by you for maximum positive result.

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