Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

About Us is a Nigerian online multi-purpose medial platform  aimed at bringing the media to the people.

 247creaks brings to the public original contents from  entertainment, sports, art and culture, education, health and technology, events and trends,  gossips, lifestyles and news all over the globe. 

Readers can forwards original contents, eyewitness stories as they happen to us to be published. Contents forwarded are not just published, contents are examined to be copy right free contents been posted on our platform. 247creaks wishes information brought here should be in its original form.

It’s our hope that our readers will have a lot to learn from our contents as they read. They  can also have good contributions to contents and discussions on this great platform.

We wish our readers will support this good course of originality.  This will encourage writers/authors of good and great contents all over Nigeria to keep up in the job.

Originality is what we want to be known for, say no to plagiarism and the writing, information and communication world will be a great one for both media platforms and readers.